And then comes..

After love comes jealousy After jealousy comes hatred After hatred comes denial After denial comes a fear of rejection After rejection comes a VOICE, that tells you.. "You can do it" But then you come back to the world of people who tell you everything, you don't want to listen But then the voice comes [...]


Don’t just breathe …. LIVE

Happiness comes before success. If you are not happy ,then any success that you acheive in life is of no use. It is not necessary that your success would make you happy one day, but if you are happy 🙂 then you would surely achieve success. believe me ..I'm not kidding. you know what?Success without [...]


I make them everyday They don't tell me about the things I've done They don't tell appreciate They underestimate They tell me about The things I have to do and The things I haven't done yet They never get done So its better not to make them! #fucklists