And then comes..

After love
comes jealousy
After jealousy
comes hatred
After hatred
comes denial
After denial
comes a fear of rejection
After rejection
comes a VOICE,
that tells you..
“You can do it”
But then you come back
to the world of people who tell you
everything, you don’t want to listen
But then the voice comes again
and tells you
“Oh wait, they care for you LISTEN!”


Don’t just breathe …. LIVE

Happiness comes before success. If you are not happy ,then any success that you acheive in life is of no use. It is not necessary that your success would make you happy one day, but if you are happy 🙂 then you would surely achieve success. believe me ..I’m not kidding.

you know what?Success without joy is only about surviving, i think people confuse success with something else. I travel by metro from my school to my home and I see people with money in their pockets, laptop in their bags.. trying to find something in their smartphones  I see them settling for less..  I see fear in their eyes
they may look strong from outside but actually from inside i think they are getting scared .. and i think that they are somewhere slowly losing hope…. missing how wonderful they were as a kid!.. how they could do anything ..they miss their stupid school life and all the stupid and crazy things that they did :/ how they could feel their heartbeat when they met their irritating friends
NOW!they cant hear it..
with their 6ooo friends on Facebook, they are trying to find that one person to whom they can talk to, share their stories, someone to guide them… they are somewhere hanging between,” I’m an adult,but i don’t wanna grow up “!
In the limelight of all the popularity they gain on social media ,no matter how beautiful! they look in their photographs and people simply telling them that “you’re pretty!”, they don’t believe it?!! their stuck….
when they go back to themselves to their room at night and meet themselves they don’t seem to enjoy it? I don’t understand why?  i don’t know maybe they’re just trying to fit in .
so this is what they do; they start following the conventional rules made by the society breathe in a closed system and start living in a box. They become a robot running on instructions.
I want to tell them…. “please!Don’t be a machine”, be a ‘human’ because that’s what you were chosen to be made into.

You are here to live and for that you need to feel things not just breathe, but absorb emotions and moments of your life, create memories, feel comfortable about who you are and what you are born into and remember to respect that.

Don’t get confused thinking staying alive is the same thing as living. Being alive only means not being dead physically but you may be dead mentally which is even worse that being actually dead.

to make it need to make yourself strong and never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself ok..

Learn to be so secure and happy that you piss other people off. Try to experience and feel every emotion in the journey of your life. If you stop and are not aware about what you are doing don’t worry! take a break ..have a kitkat…

Always remember to be  enthusiastic and passionate about whatever you are doing your life. Welcome everything that life offers you, try out new things and never kill the child inside you. Laugh, cry, shout, get angry. Don’t have a ‘black and white’ movie life. Be true to yourself and to the world.

MAKE AN IMPACT, LEAVE A SCAR BEFORE YOU DEPART so that even if you die suddenly one day, you remain immortal in the hearts of people.

Don’t just enter this world thinking that cribbing and complaining about it would make it a better place to live and there’s no way that you can run away from it. It’s our only home the only place which has got LIFE(I am talking about earth… hehe!). So don’t forget to ‘live’ it just as your heart never forgets to beat..
hasso.. khelo muskurao  kya pata kal ho na ho!! 🙂

I wonder where she went..

A girl so innocent
I wonder where she went
A girl so loud
With lips as delicate as a cloud
She wanted to run through the streets
But people told her
This is not how life treats
Then one day,
A new girl was born
Wearing jeans that were torn
All her hair were gone
She became a ninja
Walked around with a secret weapon
She was no more a girl
She became a lady
I wonder where she went..


I make them everyday
They don’t tell me
about the things I’ve done
They don’t tell appreciate
They underestimate
They tell me about
The things I have to do and
The things I haven’t done yet
They never get done
So its better not to make them!